Coach Expense Reimbursement Policy and Request Form

Policy:  Perinton Youth Hockey will reimburse the costs of USA Hockey Coaching Certification to coaches, assistant coaches and board members who successfully pass certification testing and actively participate in PYH league activities.  PYH will reimburse each coach for the USA Hockey CEP certification costs with receipt.  Conditions:

(1)    The clinic must be USA Hockey and PYH board approved,

(2)    the coach must successfully complete the clinic and submit the official card ID number to PYH for filing,

(3)    Advanced Clinic (Level 4) requires a minimum two-year PYH coaching commitment whereby reimbursement to the coach will be made over the two-year period as 50% year-one, 50% in year-two.  In order to receive reimbursement the coach must be in a PYH coaching position.


Procedure:  Download and fill out the form “PYH USA Hockey CEP Reimbursement Form” to apply for reimbursement for USA Hockey CEP costs.  Once Certification is completed – submit approved form, receipts and copy of the front/back of your USA Hockey CEP Coaches Card.  Reimbursement will only be made with prior approval and submission of all requirements – within 30-days of completing the program.  Send all paperwork to the ACE Director for Perinton Youth Hockey.  Contact information for the PYH ACE Director is listed on the PYH Contacts page.


NOTE - For Level 4 Clinic - please contact the PYH ACE Director at least 30 days prior to the clinic for approval.